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Feature - Deal Capturing

Automated deal capturing

With Dsflow you capture any kind of deals in 2 clicks. Always maintain your deal flow data secure and up-to-date.


360°Contract management

Whether you are closing wholesale contract, market-access, supply, off-taking or balancing contract Dsflow helps you carefully store your legal information, and activate the contractualization of trades


A dataroom ready for reconciliation

Whether you do your scheduling to a transporter or you rely on a balancing contract, confront your counterparts periodic reports with your own data, and 🚩 flag possible litige in a snap.


Boost your sourcing

Always stay up-to-date in your position tracking, and be ready to evaluate contract opportunities faster than others.

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Anticipate cash flows or margin calls

Evaluate your open-position in volume and evaluate forward prices.
Our system helps you anticipate cash flows and margin calls.

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Build site-specific P&L

Agregate and disagregate contracts or transaction to multiple business entities, helping them become more mature and autonomous in their consumptions or productions.

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Optimize production yield

Always have your prices and site profitability up-to-date, so you can quickly identify which transactions or SWAP maximizes your ROI.

Know which sites is profitable

Build individual P&L, for each production units. You can desagregate volumes and configure production costs for each units.

Audit your off-taker data

Confront off-takers reports with your own historized set of data and price consolidation.


Maximize Consensus

Define consensual hedging strategy, with on a system of trust that updates contracts and transactions.

10x your reactivity

For quotation, for hedging strategy definition, for new sites and new client acquisition.

100x faster

Fetching data will never be a problem again. Retrieve, reconcile, confront counterparties with bullet-prooved data in a second!


10x your reactivity.
Maximize consensus.

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Energy Trading for All. Transparent and Simple.

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