A SaaS for Every Energy Manager

Traders, consummers, producers

Open Positions Reports

Open-positions, cash flows. Here and now!

We provide Energy buyer, a producer or energy traders, with the same transparent business logic. Keeping your books up to date have never been that easy.


Let your data speak!

To every energy manager we provide the most simple system to record transactions. And make sense of it!

Feature - Deal Capturing

Deal Capturing

Effortlessly capture or import any kind of deals (SWAPs, Options). Modelize dynamic supply or production deals.

Feature - Contract Management

Contract Management

Configure master contracts and apply pricing models, premium schemes to your deals

Feature - Pyscal Data

Physical Data Agregation

Load and store realized or provisory data from your delivery sites

Feature - Price management


Model forward price curves. Reproduce production or consumption invoicing fee. 

Book Management Feature

Book Management

Consolidate your deals into books to precisely track open-positions, mark-to-market and value-at-risks

Delivery Site Management

Portfolio Management

Supervize delivery portfolio variation. Detect new sites and remove old ones under your responsability

Feature - Forecast

Forecast Management

Execute and supervize forecast performance across your entire portfolio.

Feature - Nomination to TSO

Scheduling & Reconciliation

Prepare and send data to your scheduler or your transporter. Confront post-realised invoices with your own physical records.


Empower your team with centralized data collection

Delivery , market prices, forward prices, ERP production plans... Contact us to learn more about our expanding portfolio of API.

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