Unify your entire Energy Porfolio

Supply Contracts, Production Contracts, Trades. All under one same roof.

Open Positions Reports

Know your positions. Anywhere, anytime.

Whether you are an energy buyer, a trader or a producer, the same accounting logic applies. Dsflow help you understand your positions and your risks in real-time.


Let your data speak!

Dsflow is the most simple system to record energy contracts and connect volumes, prices, and delivery sites data.

Feature - Pyscal Data

Metered Data Collection

Collect all your consumption or production site's metered data in real-time.

Feature - Contract Management

Contract Management

All your Master Agreements, Supply & Production Contracts in one place.

Book Management Feature

Book Management

Group deals into books and precisely monitor your positions and your mark-to-market.

Feature - Price management


Store, adapt and categorizes pricing curves.

Feature - Forecast

Forecast Management

Assemble energy consumption & production forecasts across your entire portfolio.

Feature - Deal Capturing

Deal Capture

OTC, Exchange, SWAPs, Options, Supply or Production. Dsflow helps you capture all market transactions.

Delivery Site Management

Delivery Sites Management

Update your portfolio of delivery sites in just a click. Anticipate your delivery portfolio growth.

Feature - Nomination to TSO


Prepare and transfer your portfolio's positions to your balancer or directly nominate to the grid.


Want to collect your physical data in real-time ?

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