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Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I trial Dsflow now?

Yes! Come on join our community! Just fill in the demo form. It will takes just a few minutes to set you up.
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How do I get my data in?

A simple as an excel import or export. For imports, we provide a data scheme. For all your 10' and above time series it works the same way. Initialisation only takes a handfull of minutes.
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How do I transfer my active contracts to Dsflow?

You can transfer active -and historical- contracts to Dsflow via our batch import module. Can't find an important field in our contract model? You can also create new ones.
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How do you build forecasts?

Actually ... you build forecast. It is your secret sauce :-) But we assist in segmenting your portfolio, executing recipes and supervizing models performances overtime.
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Does Dsflow have training tutorials?

Yes. yes. Our mission is to educate the users all along their product use. e-learning, onboarding and documentation. You'll have all of these.
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Do I need to connect my meters to Dsflow?

Excel integration will always be a fall-back. Fetching your data via APIs or FTPs will always be preferred way. We designed dsconnect to help you oversee your integrations.